Straightening out UV's


I know how to straighten out UV lines by dragging them with the zoom manipulator tool, but can I straighten the entire UV at once by snapping it to a grid or something similar?



I haven’t figured out a way to do that either. Mind you, I don’t do a lot of UV’ing, so there is that. :slight_smile: I think that Silo’s UVing tools need to be approached from the same mindset of the modeling paradigm; organic modeling. Silo is amazing at free-flowing, organic model creation. If you have to have edges, poly’s and vertecies line up or be at some extact distance/location from another part of the model…Silo may not be the best tool for the job.

I have used (and still use) “UltimateUnwrap3D” ( ). Been using it for a LONG time now (at least 10 years, probably longer)…and I’ve only scratched the surface of all the things it can do. Honestly, a dozen features is just about all you really need for UV’ing unless you are unwraping a tens-of-thousands-of-poly’s model for a movie or something. In that case, you’re better off using a more “serious” UV tool like Roadkill, MARI, or even ZBrush’s UVMaster. I’ve never found myself needing anything more than UU3D (although I dabbled with MARI, and will use ZBrush’s UVMaster when I have a model I created in ZBrush).