straighten uv maps...?



Any idea how can I straighten curved uv in bodypaint…? I have to work in Photoshop over the uv.



It’s actually a bit hard to make by native C4D tools I think. Have similar question here some time ago:
For now it just can be figured out by hard hand work or by plugins such as UVToolbox.
I’ve made a request to this (similar one) feature at Maxon’s Suggestions and the more people will ask for it the more chances I believe that we’ll get more better and modern tools for UVing.


Click your island. Choose UV Commands>Boundary to Quad. Then relax and resize as necessary.


Thanks E2GO, that I saw also, straighten feature not found.

xfon5168, nice idea but does not work… after boundary, relaxing… island back to curved shape.

What about unfold 3d, 3d coat, headus uvlayout…? does that have that straighten feature, anyone tried…?



I think I posted this in a previous thread :wink:
UV Vonc’s Quad function will do this:


Thanks for that… I will give a try.


UV Vonc plugin can do this in 1 click


can you show the poly mesh maybe? Because it could be a case for the uv peeler …


3D Coat and Unfold 3D (or at least Maya’s integrated version) can straighten UV’s.


Thanks bentraje for update.

UV Vonc plugin and i think affordable.


Worth checking out Seamilar too. There’s a good thread on C4Dcafe about it and I just picked it up last week - recommended.