Storyboard manager


I’ve tried to improving M. Comets cam mamager script to be able to export camera setups as a 3d storyboard.

The interface:

And the result:

But it’s still buggy and the persisten variables are driving me nuts!!!

I gave up on it. But this will be a very useful tool if completed.

So now I ask you wizards to locate and kill those damn bugs.
The script is here:

Zacky alias Tin2tin


Well, it seems I’ve scared everyone off. Just waning to let you know - that it is actually working - but it does get buggy when new’ing and loading new scenes into the script. But the rest of the time it’s working quite well. I just got frustrated with the last bugs.

4 hints: Use target cams, the ‘p’ buttons will let you add properties to each shot and the number buttons will let you work within the range of that cam. ‘S’ and ‘E’ will add the current slidetime to the start/end of the current shot.

Let me know what you think.



I’ll use it next time I’m going to do storyboard - Great Concept!

Maybe this can inpire you:

on <interfacename> close do
				...some code...

callbacks.addscript #filepreopen "" id:#aniposecallback
				callbacks.addscript #systemprenew "" id:#dosomestuff
    		    callbacks.addscript #systemprereset "" id:#dosomestuff
    		    callbacks.addscript #presystemshutdown "" id:#dosomestuff


Awsome program. Found it on Do you have any plans for future versions of software? I’ve been into previz for quite some time and am now also making a previz maxscript program. Have program TG-Max on I did long time ago.

Have you thought about doing animatics for your program (info overlay for current frame, focal length, cam position, etc.)


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