Story tool doesn`t work with facial animation


Hi all!

Help me, please, to solve a problem: story tool doesn`t work with facial animation.

I have made an animation of face using “actor face” and “character face”. I have made “plot” in character face window. Keys of animation were created. I can see them, when I select some “shapes” in “properties” window.

I want to edit current take in story tool. I insert “character animation track” or “generic animation track”. Push “insert current take”. Take appears here, but when I edit it, scene doesnt change. It doesnt work. Button “story” is on.

May be I should to plot another way? Or to insert another type of track? Or to insert take to track another way?


so when you add the generic track, you need to also add the controls/joints that the keys are set on. In the generic track, you should be able to edit (with like a mini navigator) anything at all to be included in that track. You can see ticks next to which nodes are being driven in Story.
Then you should be able to insert animation from the active take. The clip should show keys on it. You can then make this read only which saves the clip on its own.
Apologies im away from computer, but try that. Good luck :smiley:


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