Storm Tracer & XStacy::Elements Released


San Francisco, California - Saturday  July 24th 2004: 
  Uslar, Germany - Sunday  July 25th 2004:     For Immediate Release: 
      The Third Party is pleased to announce the release of Storm Tracer 1.0 Early Bird & XStacy::Elements for Maxon's Cinema 4D release 8.5.
      Storm Tracer is a brand new high speed volumetric placard/sprite rendering system designed around the Cinema 4D architecture with the ability to render hundreds of thousands or even millions of textured, normal or bump mapped illuminated placards in seconds or minutes. Storm Tracer extends the effects capabilities of Cinema 4D extensively. More information about storm tracer and examples are available here: [](
      XStacy::Elements is a graphical user interface enhancement for Cinema 4D replacing elements within the interface with The Third Party's own elements. This brings new levels of functionality and beauty to the interface enhancing the look, fell and workflow of the application. More information is available here: [](
      Pricing and availability:
      Storm Tracer is priced at an introductory offer of 150 euros for the Early Bird.  It is available from []( and [](
      XStacy::Elements is exclusively available for free with Purchases of Storm Tracer.


Very good. Hope I have some money. :applause:


At last. The displacement terrain image you posted here; plug-in has nothing to do with that I assume, but what does? Are we expecting more in the near future.

I’m very much interested in this btw, it looks very useful.


very impressive. but 150 Euros are a bit expensive for a hobbyist like me, though I am



cool!!! , i bought it, hope the email will come soon:-)))))

thanks per




Since I saw the first you mention this, I’ve been saving (I don’t smoke, yet acted as if and put the money in a box) so there is as good as no real investment now. Never got along with Pyro that well so:
Count me in.
Hope it’ll work with the upcoming C9 also. (mysterium magnum)


This Looks simply beautiful. I would like to try it out before i buy. Is there going to be a demo version?


So much for the version 9 rumors, I guess it’s finally come out. :rolleyes:
It looks like there are horizontal sliders now for the little C4D arrow tab thinglet sliders.
I’m a little confused how Storm Tracer relates to the new shaders that have been shown, as the Fur stuff is in the Storm Tracer package.

Is Storm Tracer what was refered to previously as project 1?


Like Bobtronic said, it is a bit pricey, but tempting. My main concern is that I see it has no casting of shadows, and no reflection/refraction compatibility. I asume these are being worked on, but is there any possibility that they will be added sooner rather than later?


Great job with the plugin. A definitely must buy.



So, it’s like having Particle Illusion within C4d and THEN SOME! Very impressive results. My order has been placed. The XStacy interface looks hot as well. :slight_smile:


per & paul looks very nice guys…good work…nice to see the release.

i just have one question really and that is do you have to use the xstrasy gui with it? i’m just thinking if it has problems with any other plugs…unlikely but you never know…can i run Stormtracer on the standard c4d gui at least?:shrug:


Storm Tracer only runs with the XStacy::Elements installed.

But to Clear things up, XStacy GUI doesn’t patch cinema unless you want it to. And lets say you did want to, but then wanted certain plugins not to be patched, you can patch or unpatch folder by folder if you wish, giving you complete control over what gets the treatment.

So far I’ve had no incompatabilities with anything (plugins or otherwise) which have been enhanced with XStacy. The patch is context sensitive to whats already there and is safe (it backs up as it goes along). Cinema 4D plugins rarely interfere with each other, unless someone doesn’t get a new ID there is no reason to believe that you will ever get any incompatabilities between any plugins in Cinema. So I really wouldn’t worry yourself :slight_smile:


cool thanks for the explanation makes perfect sense…was worried in case another dev has used gui elements and they collide but your plugin id explanation makes sense so less likely…thanks bud…

i guess the early bird is like the MS early bird…documentation to come later yeah?

btw the gui does look very funky…especially those little dials for degrees… :slight_smile:


Just a question: when you entered your serials, did that button “enter serial” disappear? I just can’t get Stormtracer working. Render settings show preset (to keep it simple) but nothing happens when rendered.???


everyone Please use the other thread plugged in the front page.