Store settings problem


Hi guys!

Im trying to save all my settings (colors, hotkeys and UI) in ZBrush 4R8, but somehow when I reopen ZBrush - the already positioned Hotkeys, Brushes and Shaders in the UI before closing ZB will not appear.
Do you guys know how to solve this problem?

I already did this steps:

  • Preferences/Enable Customize. Shaders and Brushes in place.
  • Preferences/Save UI
  • Preferences/Store Config

All Brushes and all Materials created by myself will not appear after reopening ZBrush :argh:
Any ideas on this one?


Never experienced that before ! hmm that’s really weird…
Did you run into the same problem from the older Zbrush 4R7?
I can’t tell if 4R8 is a bit buggy…


Hi HannahKang,

No I never had this problem before.
I double check everything and there was something with the administrator rights.

Now after a couple of changes… now works perfect.
Thnx for having a look!

BTW I took a look into this video yesterday this maybe will help others.

After creating a new profile with administration rights now works.
You need to move everything (Hotkeys, Materials, Brushes, etc…) from the Public or User Documents where ZBrush is install.
Then will work.