Store name of Ramp frm RadiusPP


[I see this has double posted…not sure how or y, but if someone can remove this one]

How can I, within my script, find out the name of the ramp that is created when i choose to make a ramp to an added radiusPP atttribute.

Presently i have this which is storing the name of the arraymapper but not the name of the Ramp.

string $arrayMapper1 = “arrayMapper -target $partShapeNode[0] -destAttr radiusPP -inputV ageNormalized -type ramp”;
$results = eval($arrayMapper1);

If i run:

listHistory -pdo 1 $results;

I get the name of the arrayMapper and the ramp but im looking to just store the ramp name.

Another method might be to store that return value inside a string array and then access the [1] element. Wondering if there is a better method?



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