StopStaring Setup and 2 tutorials available for download



you might remember my video on Jason Osipa’s “Stop Staring” setup using the new 2d vector sliders in the HUD. (Here’s the original posting: .) This setup is now available for download on my website (Go to downloads and then to tutorials.) You can download it directly here:

Check out the video tutorial to see how you can add it to your own character without redoing all the XPresso. Here’s the direct link:

There’s also a pdf tutorial on how to create optimized morph targets without any plugins. These morph targets will also export fine to the fbx file format using the latest exporters. Here’s the direct link:

These tutorials have been created during my stay in Singapore. This way you may indirectly benefit from the “Virtual Paper Napkin” project initiated by IM Innovations and Temasek Polytechnic to teach Cinema 4d in secondary schools in Singapore! :wink:

I hope these will be helpfull and you’ll have some fun with them. Please tell me what you think!



It looks great, thanks very much for sharing! :thumbsup:


Fabian, you rock man!
Thank you once again for all your contributions to the Cinema Community.


Thanks for sharing Fabian, I will give it a look very soon. :thumbsup:


haha i love cgtalk i was just looking for something like this
Thanks dude, it helped me alot
specialy the XPresso part
thanks again


A great work Fabian !! :wink:

Tnx for sharing !! :smiley:


Thanks! Appreciate all the good information!


I’ll be needing this soon.


Thanks a lot.



Thanks. More incentives to upgrade to 9.5.


Youre awesome! Thank you very much!


wow a lot of work went into that and you just helped everyone with a nice shortcut…very cool of you…:thumbsup:


Thanks a lot, Fabian - can´t wait to check it out and learn from it! :thumbsup: :bounce:


Thank you Fabian.



Thanks for sharing this great effort.


Fabian, did you protect the expresso somehow?
It seems empty – and it does not say its protected in AM though–

(I am looking for access to the 2Dsliders connections to tie non-morph stuff into the setup, as I like my Jaw to be driven by bone rotation rather than morph).



Hi Olli,

no protection, just ordinary XGroups. Right click on one of them and pick View -> Extended from the context menu to make the contend visible.



uh-- thanks, did not eevn know that feature existed–
Thanks again for your wonderful interface, will save me the work of adopting my own interface to the 2D sliders–also yours is more elegant.



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