Stopping & starting motion in pflow


So I’m a newbie at particles & am trying to create what should be a fairly simple animation using pflow. All I’m trying to do is get the particles to follow a path (accomplished that w/ speed by icon) so that it flows through this piece of equipment I was given the model for, then have the particles stop when the valve inside the tool closes (accomplished with stop gradually), and then resume following the path again when the valve opens (this is where I’m stuck). I have tried tying another speed by icon event to an age test set to the time where the valve opens again, but that doesn’t seem to work, and I’m tired of spinning my wheels trying things at random. I’d appreciate any help y’all can give me here.


I think a pretty straightforward approach would be to Age Test them into a new Event that contains the second Speed By Icon. So when the gate valve opens at that time set the Age Test to Time->Absolute (meaning current time in respect to the timeslider along the timeline) whatever frame number. Particles will move to the new event and pick up the new speed.