Stop Staring - Well...


I’m currently reading “Stop Staring” by Jason Osipa, I hope Jason still reads along here…

It’s a great book, but I’m having some troubles in chapter 11 - I really gone through each chapter and modeled this head (without references, and honestly, this spline method is terrible) and now I’m going to rig it - Frankly, I’m totally into weight painting, so I never had problems like these:

After I smooth bind the head the book tells me the following: “Now everything is weighted to the master joint. Select all the points and add 0.5 weighting to the neck.”

First of all: I can’t select all verts and manipulate them at once in the component editor because I’d get the following error message if I’d select all the verts that make up the head:

“Warning: Displaying the first 1024 rows from a total of 1553.”

So I can only manipulate 1024 verts at a time. Problem is: I really don’t know which verts are displayed in the component editor and which are not, so I don’t know what verts will have the correct weighting values assigned and what verts will still have the old weighting values.

Also, the Maya Component Editor is ($#*§%&!"§) buggy as hell! Am I the only one who had these problems?


You could just add .5 weight with the smoothbind weighting tool. :thumbsup:


Sure I could, but things would get messy after that - You know, deselecting a row, etc.

Nevertheless, I guess it would be better to paint the weights for the whole sections - I’m just wondering…


Whe I got there I did it diferent. I floded the top joint with a weight of one then i just manually added weights to were i need it. I’m verry comfortable painting weights and have my own method of doing it. Also David Walden created this skiniing tool script it rocks. Do a search for it on this site mybe that will help you with the weight painting.

Good luck :thumbsup:


Hey nottoshabi!

Yeah, I beta-tested Davids Tool, it’s great, but it seems that the component Editor does not update really well with Maya 6.0 (it’s even buggier than in 5.0.1) and cause of that I’ll wait for 6.0.1 until I use Davids Skinning Tool! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Thomas Mahler, How is the book? I’m considering to buy it so. It sounds like a great book! :smiley:


oshiroii > Stop Staring is verry good. I strongly recomend purchesing it. :buttrock:


Thanks, I’ve heard a lot about it and it seems to be veeeeeeery good. :stuck_out_tongue: I seriously dreamed about it last night :surprised “You know when you’re an animator when…” :rolleyes:


I think the modeling part in the book is pretty awkward, but all in all it’s a great one! If you’re into character/facial animation, it’s the right book for you. You certainly won’t regret buying it! :slight_smile:


All I can say in defense of the modeling method is that, it’s not a recommendation on HOW to model, it’s a way to guarantee you don’t muck up the topology of each key area :wink: I actually don’t believe there is a right or a wrong way to do anything as long as it “ends up” right. My only concern was topo :slight_smile:


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