Stop leeching images: An affectionate plea to the community


One can only assume most of CGTalk’s user base understands the issue of bandwidth. It isn’t a vast sea of endless resources that is provided to you by some magical Internet life source.

Those of you who like to post images hosted on someone else’s webspace, try to exemplify an even remotely human etiquette and host the image on one of the many free image hosts on the web. Your next leech could push someone’s hosting quota over the edge.

Gateway to redemption:


Good point, and let me be the first to admit to having leeched quite a few images in my days.
Shame on me. No really, I’ll stop doing that from now on.


Hotlinking accounts for at least 50% of my bandwidth…

Despite the annoyance, it’s truly the highlight of my stats to see where people have linked images from. My personal favourite was a Chinese forum for (seemingly) pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Right in the middle of hundreds of pictures of her someone had put “NOT JENNIFER” and linked to this image . Brilliant.


Wait a minute! That’s not Jennifer !

The alternative to leaching is to copy the image to your site and then link to it from there. Unfortunatly I’ve had a few webmasters yell at me for “stealing” their images when I have done that in the past. Oh, well. Can’t please everybody.


Bumping in hopes that the message is distributed to a broader array of users, perhaps even stickied by the moderators if they feel it can help others with self-discipline when posting.


lol that ‘nad’ is classic. Do an animated series!:scream:


Re: AIPh Pretzel.

Yeah, but the moderators have to be careful that the first page of general discussions isn’t plastered with stickys! :wip:


Problem solved. We now have the hosted gallery, so everyone else can leech off us - yes sir, we even watermark the images so people can see it’s being hotlinked from |




Re: Leonard

Earlier I read over the image hosting thread via the frontpage plug. It’s a swell idea and I imagine it will aid in eliminating most of the headaches created by image leechers. I, for one, am looking forward to positive results.


I’ve done it, but they were to other sites. I didn’t think about the bandwidth stuff. If it is sending people to that artists’ site and gives credit to that artist, is that a bad thing?

I totally agree with the etiquette philosophy. Just as anything else, there should be a certain amount of professionalism. So if you want to hotlink to someone’s images off their site, should you ask them first? Giving them credit of course. Again, I have done it, but to show an example of what someone’s talent has achieved or to mention a technique or software package that was cool.


I’ve hotlinked a lot of crap in my days. One has to wonder where all this crap came from.


It’s not just artist artwork, but people around CGTalk will leech images off any old site. Recently I saw a thread where almost every other post had a leeched image off small movie review site.


sorry, can someone explain this thread to a “dumbass” like me what’s this about exactly?


When you post an image in a thread with the [ img ] tags, make sure it’s hosted on your own webspace or CGTalk’s new image space.

A good example of leeching an image is as follows: There’s a thread on CGTalk about Harold and Kumar and you want to post an image from the film. You find a cool picture of the Indian guy on the Internet Movie Database. Instead of hosting the image on your webspace (if you have one) or Imageshack or one of the many free image hosts on the Internet, you put the URL of the image from Now each time the thread is viewed, the image downloads from the remote server (, which in turn takes a chunk out of their bandwidth.

Although the larger sites probably do not have bandwidth issues, other smaller sites have bandwidth quotas, and by leeching images from their site, you’re risking putting some of those people over their quota.

So in retrospect, assume some responsibility and take the extra step or two to host the image elsewhere.


I think the responsibility is on the host, not on the general public.

Why wouldn’t the host of the image use “Imageshack or one of the many free image hosts on the Internet” instead of expecting everyone else to assume the responsibility?

Also, why doesn’t the host of the image prevent hotlinking, and how are people supposed to know what the host’s bandwidth quota is?


That’s a bit cold. So if someone decides to put up a nice personal site for his friends and family, he’s supposed to learn all kinds of coding just so irresponsible people or assholes can’t leech bandwidth off of him? That’s like saying it’s my fault my car got stolen because I decided to park it on street parking.


does anyone know how I could prevent leeching off of my personal site, in the same vein that tripod and other hosting communities do?



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