Stoney Creek, Martin Hedenstroem (3D)


Title: Stoney Creek
Name: Martin Hedenstroem
Country: Australia
Software: Carrara, Modo, Photoshop

A clear stream in the forest. A few items modeled in Modo but the rest is all Carrara. I used the C6 displacement painting feature to add the ripples to the water - much faster and nicer than using Carrara’s displacement channel of the shaders.


oh yeah!

I dont know working with software carrara, but i see beautiful works.

your scene is perfect! very high segments :surprised
some details.


the stones in the stream are very very very beautiful!!!

is a modeling? or painted/textures?


…work in Carrara. It’s certainly come a long way since RDS! The water is very believable, but still lacks foam and/or bubbles in certain areas. That’s the only thing I can see which might detract from the realism, the trees, grass, and rocks are beautiful.


That looks really awesome, the only fault is what other people are saying. The water is too procedural.


so amazing work. awesome. but the water is not perfect


very lifelike apart from the water is abit off :banghead:


wow. amazing… looks so natural… First I thought its vue render. Really great job especially with vegetations, lighting.


nice job but i know all object and your scene from daz3d


Good catch,
He is the author of those products over at DAZ.

Nice work there Martin.

wayne k
guam usa


Thanks everyone!

And the only element that is actually shared between this image and the products I sell at Daz are 1 little fern you can hardly see in this picture.




Ohh sorry :banghead: your works are great :blush:


Beautiful! I wanna go to mountain now! :thumbsup:


nice ambient concept, maybe the water needs some white splashes, anyway its cool render. good job!


Well enough’s said about the water, so I’ll skip that… :slight_smile:
Nice composition and shape of the creek/river. I really like the models and lighting. It’s all really photorealistic, though I’m not really sure about the lighting and colors of the top-left half of the image. The leaves and lighting tend to look a bit flat in that region. But nothing of great concern. The stones and grasses look really good. How do you make these? Instancing?

I’ve been through your gallery lately with a lot of interest.
I’m a Terragen-user and I would really like to make this kind of quality of work sometime.
Keep it up!



Everyones saying how your stream needs more foam for that “ultra realism”. I’m going to take the alternate route on that point. It seems, from the info taken from the image, that this is a small, slow flowing stream (or at least should be lol) and if I’m correct in this assumption let me be the first to say that there is a bit to much “motion in your ocean”. If I were to see this small of a stream with that many ripples…I’d be looking around for the herd of large animals that’s about to trample me. Now make the stream a bit deeper looking (currently looks to less than 1 foot of water), then add in something that makes this look like its not a small, slow flowing quiet stream in the middle of a quite forest…and I’ll fall in line with those that are screaming for foam…till then I’ll scream for a less sea sick picture lol.

just my .02


Crazy, it looks so real.


Great, very very nice
How the hell do you make such grass ??.
what are your render times ?

Render time was about 2.5 hours @ 1000x1300px on a quad core Mac Pro
Yes, Carrara has an instancing system called the Surface Replicator. You can define zones on the terrain with shaders that determine where the instances go.

Now, about the water that everyone seems to have a problem with. I'm reasonably happy that I hit the "look" I was aiming for. Here's a link to a photo with some water flowing that is a similar size, depth and speed to my scene.


You can see that the water is quite rippled but doesn’t quite cross over to splashing and foamy. However, the large number of comments on my water obviously means that it’s something I need to work on some more.




That’s extremely nice and near-photoreal. Any chance of some wireframes?? 4 stars.