Stock rigged characters - how many versions back will work with R20 or R21?


I don’t do any character animation stuff and am not familiar with the C4D character tools.

But, I am bidding on a very simple project that has extremely simple character movements that I know I could handle if i had a pre-rigged character.

As I look at stock, rigged, C4D characters they state the version of C4D they were rigged with.

I’m assuming C4D’s character tools have been changed and evolved over time - how many version back will still work well/correctly with R20 or R21 character tools?


RE: how many version back will still work well/correctly with R20 or R21 character tools?

If you are asking if an R16-R19 rigs can be opened in R20/21. Yes you can.
There were changes throughout the releases but it is more of additive rather than subtractive nature.

That said. Here’s a disclaimer: I can’t say the same if the character was rig with Character Object though, as I don’t use such feature (i.e. I build my own rigs with vanilla tools).

So a pressing problem would be opening a R20/21 rig in a R16-19 versions, which is just logical.


most rigged models you can buy online have very basic rigs, suited more for mocap than for animation. often it’s just joints, and no controllers or even ik chains. good thing is they will open in any version. opening rigs with ik, controllers and such created within older versions of c4d works just fine in 99% of all cases. never experienced any issues.


Almost all C4D “rigs” you find for sale (except when coming from specific C4D artists) are just the bare “bones + weight map + skin modifier”. Like an FBX imported in C4D. No Ik, no handles etc…

In general, nothing you can’t get with Mixamo in 3 clicks.

What kind of character and motion are you contemplating?

Depending on my needs, I use a combination of Daz, Iclone, Anima and C4D + mocap. C4D is usually the last step though to import the final animated characters that where animated in Iclone and Anima (for crowds/groups).

I can’t really “animate” in the traditional sense, but I still delivered a few minutes of animation for a BBC show.


Iclone seems cool - wish they’d make a Mac version.

For my project it is actually a cow, and all it needs is some slight swaying, ear wiggles, maybe a subtle jaw movement.

Probably doable without any IK stuff, just FK and a bunch of keyframes.

thanks for all the info