Stingray 3010



]( image depicts a future based on technologies developed long after a unified-field science was realized. A future where non-air support dependent flying vehicles are common, replacing most of the vehicles that rolled across artificial pathways and natural terrains utilizing the millenniums old simple machine known as the wheel-and-axle.

A Syd Mead gouache & airbrush emulation–it ain’t. I veered off on a kind of Scott Robertson tangent stylistically, though at least keeping on track with the topic. After having done countless illustrations in gouache (and airbrush) over the years, I realized after entering the contest, I can’t get myself to revisit the media, even virtually, after leaving it some 9 years ago for digital media.
Actually the best way to do an illustration that looks gouache painted
is to use gouache.


very impressive in terms of quality and design ! the colour and light also !


Striking image! Great composition and vehicle design. I love your use of color and your painting style. Congratulations and good luck!


Bill, your piece for B-Movie, was exceptional, but i think you have totally outdone yourself here. The colours gave me the warm fuzzies, again there is not a single tone out of place here.

How did you create the surrounding architecture?, is it a 3d mock up then painted in photoshop?.




Thanks for the comments, and good luck to you all with your entries.

Marley–Yes I made some basic untextured 3d elements to use as guides to save on what little time I had to work on this. All of the ones used are shown below. The 3d car base was obviously strayed away from. I took the Photoshopped rough of the car into Adobe Illustrator where I refine and finish the shapes and do all the line work, then I export everything out to a Photoshop layered file and start painting.

A couple details:


Hi Bill, Thank you very much for taking the time to show your process used. Its fantastic, I’ve always wanted to know how people could get such clean results for their efforts.

Best of luck



Beautiful work Bill!


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