stills: Help us decide which model is the coolest :)


Once every couple of months, me and two friends of mine (holycow here on cgt) have a small “for fun” competition between the three of us to build the coolest model. Each competition one of us decides what the subject will be, and this time I chose “SpaceShip”.

Whosever model is decided as the coolest, gets a free lunch from the other two. So our dilema, was how to decide which of us had the coolest model. Where’s a better place then CGTALK!? So we are asking for your help today! Please take a quick look at the three spaceship models below, and just for fun, give us a vote on which one you like best. Below we have posted the “action” render if you will, and links to left, side, top renders (etc) as well.

Go easy on us, we are just beginners :slight_smile:

FYI, a couple of the backgrounds used here we borrowed from just to spice them up a tad.

Model 1: - based on the cylon ship from Battle Star Galactica

Model 2 - Original design

Model 3 - Original design


Brandon has my vote


Make sure to vote corrupto :slight_smile:


:wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Thats a pretty kool idea. I had a delima between third and first. Was it best model or favorite. If someone else wants to join will you ship their lunch overnight. jk.


It’s not which is “technically” the best model, rather which one do you like the most for whatever reason.


i choose the third one. why?
quite original design, colors easy on eyes and very spacy.
still you should make it more smooth/increase number of polygons since there are some very sharp edges. also small a problem with texture (that green line) is noticeable :wink:

2nd is too simple, hard on eyes and render is rather bad.
1st is not bad but don’t like that glass structure & color idea and textures are rather not for eyes.

thanks for reading this comment and wish you luck with next projects :smiley:


Defintely the 3rd model . . . it has the most creative overall design, and the colors are really snazzy. They accentuate the model very well.

The second model is kind of hard to see because the textures are so wild. The patterns make it difficult to see the final shape of the model. The first model has the same problem with its textures. And even though you said upfront that it was based on the Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica its hard to give it much credit because its still not an original design. Just my 2 cents.


Cool thanks for the posts Dra(hen and Miloswzl. Agree with both your comments. The challenge we made does not specify recreating a ship already made or an original design. But you definately have to give “bonus” points to a project made up from scratch. I actually thought the 2nd one looked most original, but the poor render not doing it justice.

Couple of interesting facts. All 3 of us are taking a free class in 3dsmax here at our local career center in San Diego. The artists on the first 2 ships have done a couple basic modeling projects, but this was their first time using photoshop instead of the default library that comes with max. This is the 3rd artists first project in max ever, but he is an accomplished professional photographer and really good with photoshop. So we all pass info around and help each other become better :slight_smile:

Next project due in a couple months is going to be a dragon of some sort…

Remember again to vote for the one you like best, not most original or most complex. Everyone has their own standards for judging. :slight_smile:


IMO the first is definitely the better of the three… The second is too flat looking. The third looks like a Klingon Bird of Prey with a pretty yellow color but very nice render on both the third and the first. Love the lighting effect on the first though, it matches the background very nice effect the third too many lights there are light specs where there shouldn’t be when the light source is behind the model as per the background pic. Maybe a few less and would be very nice. The second needs alot of work but keep at it you will get there.


Nice Idea. :wink:

Defintely the 3rd model . . . it has the most creative overall design, and the colors are really snazzy. They accentuate the model very well.

I agree with that No. 3 has my vote.



Thank you. Yeah… I see those little blips in my texture map. But hey, not bad for my VERY first model? I had some issues learning how to unwrap the UVW. It wasn’t something you can just pick up in a moments notice and learn. It took me a bit to figure out, but alas, it didn’t come out perfect. Maybe I will be able to nail it tight on my SECOND model :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. Our next competition just started… the next subject, picked by artist#2, is a dragon. I better get started!



I prefer model 3 but in my opinion the color could be better…

Try to use diry and metal reflection maps for more realism…



sigh now I gotta buy that punk Holycow lunch… Mine was model #1, looks like he beat me 3 votes 1, LOL! He has chosen his victory lunch as Submarina, where he will bask in the glory of his shiny ship. And of course we will immediately start plotting his defeat for the next challenge, hehe. Having a small lunch bet does enhance the learning experience I admit though. We found another guy in class who wants to participate, so hopefully next time we will have 4 contestants to choose from.

Thanks to all who voted and gave crits, we really appreciate them and will continue to improve with each project and help each other out, even though we all secretly want to win the free lunch. My weakest point right now is the texturing, so I will spend the most time one that in the months to come. :slight_smile:


On a side note, artist #2 has finally gotten a vote!!! Thank you for that. He will be soo happy when I tell him he didn’t get completely smoked :slight_smile:


Serves yah Right!!! Hey how come I still can’t vote I came back to see if I could and I can’t still odd.:twisted: :rolleyes:


Never mind got it to work sorry for the last post…:slight_smile:


i like the second one


third one man this one more cool

i liked the textures and the shinnes on it:thumbsup:


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