stills: CG from China


Hello everyone:)





room and cat

A house od God
Modeling by Marko.

East City 1

East City 2

East City 3

Local of the East City 3

Local of the East City 1


Simply WOW!!!
Excellent work


oh…this is so coolll…:thumbsup:


Amazing work! Just WOW.

I especially love the first piece “Attic”


wow, this stuff is awsome. the renders look great.

what software are you working with and how much time are these renders taking on average?

keep them comming man, i love looking at all your work old and new.


:eek: Amazing work !
:drool: Amazing work !


WOW! This is amazing! So cooool!


You’re a freak! And I mean that as a compliment!:thumbsup:


Wow, really cool. That’s quite a volume of work you’ve got there ;). I wouldn’t mind seeing this on the front page personally.


Man, Asian architecture (old and modern) is SO cool. Just like your work.:thumbsup:


dude you rock :buttrock:


Nice renderings, but the modelling would need more work, more bevelling, chaos, etc.


Wonderful renderings! Lighting is just amazing.
I j ust think that the texture you used in the wall close to the camera in alley looks quite low quality viewed so closely. A bump map would also help in that wall.

Nevertheless, your work is excellent!! congrats! :thumbsup:


wow!:thumbsup: great work!cooooooooooooool:eek:


It’s amazing!! man I love your work


It’s certainly not bad, I can see you’ve put a bit of work into it, but it’s nothing stellar I’m sorry to say.

First off, the texturing is sloppy and repetitive. Every scene suffers from obvious tiling. What are those drooping things on the walls in the “room” scene anyway? There’s two of them, which are identical on the perpendicular walls… not very realistic I’m sorry to say. Same with the cables going to the lights: it’s repeated on the far right of the scene.

The bricks in the attic pictures are obviously tiled, as is the rocky foundation.

Same with the texturing on the large tubes in the city scenes… the textures are tiled, especially noticable on the farther away ones.

As for the lighting, it is good, but unfortunately with the many high-end renderers available now, this kind of lighting is nothing special, and can’t be expected to make up for other areas of the scene that are lacking (texturing in this case).

The lighting in the church is off, more specifically the volumetrics. They are far too uniform, and too dense for a scene that doesn’t appear to be dusty at all.

Finally, the sloppy blurring that occurs in most of the scenes… I’m assuming that’s meant to be a depth-of-field blur, in which case you should lose that effect all together. Depth-of-field wouldn’t occur with that much magnitude in large scenes such as these. Coupled with repeating textures, these look more like modeled miniatures rather than photographs of architecture.

That being said, don’t take any of this the wrong way, I enjoyed your work, but there is much room for improvement. Good luck.


Chinese, up up up

get up


duffman is right - the texturing/lighting could use some work. also, the modeling is redundant.

BUT - i’ve seen your previous work, and this is a vast improvement in all three areas. i encourage you to continue to grow and learn - you’ll be creating great art in no time.


I feel proud for being Chinese, feel proud with ur amazing work. :slight_smile: