Stilllife with roses and satin., Waheed Nasir (2D)


Title: Stilllife with roses and satin.
Name: Waheed Nasir
Country: Pakistan

hi there…i was in a strong mood for oil painting (on canvas), when i painted this digital piece, so I handled it in a very similar way as i wouldve done my oils. i even forgot in the middle of the painting process that im sitting infront of my computer, with a pen (wacom tablet), in my hand…:).
I went for suggestions, with casual, spontaneous brushwork, though I kept the setting/environment very traditional/classical. Ive put enough detail that was required to portray the scene that i had in my mind. My goal here, was to capture various kinds of textures and their look/feel (softness, hardness, reflective, shiny, glossy) and I really enjoyed doing every bit of it…:).
No reference used. This is all self-visualized/composed. All painted in artrage – tablet.

Thanks for coming in
cheers all.


wow~very beautiful picture!~I so love those roses~nice woooork~keep it up~:bounce::bounce:


Oh my…excellent!!love the brushtrokes of the flowers.Good job!!:thumbsup:


You always leave me speechless :slight_smile:

Excellent work, I learn so much from just looking at your paintings. Love the colour choice and strokes as always!


Wow! Breathtaking… Fantastic image Waheed :thumbsup:
Great how you did those roseleaves and reflections on the metal parts…
Voted for ya!


Beautyfull, fine way to paint using this color vibrations.


This piece is very inspiring. I love the color and style.


What a wonderful use of light. Very impressive


thats some beautiful feedback…thank u so much everyone…:).

minminxu, GonzaloGolpe, Iridyse, MVDB, spire and brady-scott…i really appreciate. thanks alot for all your time, kind words and ofcourse for stars as well. im really happy to see u like this so much…:).

best wishes.


For my taste on your portfolio this one is the best you made with the apple ( showing on Cgarena 2D gallery ) .
You have a really good “renderer” from mind, and I like your colors/refraction and light.
I give a 5 star and I hope to see this kind of real digital painting on the frontpage of Cgtalk.
Good work Waheed.


This must be one of the best digital still lifes I’ve seen to date. Great job 5stars


FarDays…thank u very much…:).

DeeVad…thank u so much for such a kind comment and for that wonderful wish to see it on the frontpage as well. i hope that comes true…:). thanks for the stars too.

Kaspaas…thanks a lot for admiring it so much and for your 5 stars as well…:).

cheers all.


Wow Waheed, that deserves like a 10, not a 5.

Fantastic. I like the classical yet modern feel of it. Absolutely perfect colour and composition wise. You have such a unique style… Please show us more!

PS. May you tell us what software did you use? It looks like Painter… but what version? :slight_smile:


Wow, this is the best still life iv seen from, really great lightning, you desserve an award :smiley: 5’s Waheed


Waheed, you’re one of my favorite painter here at cgtalk.
always top notch stuff, this one especially. :slight_smile:

hope to see an award under your avatar sooner or later,
you deserve an half dozen of them.



Gorgeous. Plugged.

I love the fact you’ve captured such a simple scene with attention to detail and colour. Very well done indeed.


this is nice…I like your style alot:bounce:


waheed, excellent work, as usual!! (it’s hype from the artrage forums)
congrats on the long overdue front page plug!


hi,man.It’s so wonderful,the lighting,the colour …5 stars from me:thumbsup:


Waheed … what are you doing …
this is great … Gorgeous … impresive … magical lighting … colors like a dream … n every great word for this one …
this on rocks me … I can not belive how you paint the high light … wow look at the composition …
ohhh reflection … nooo … I love your way to paint reflection …
sorry but just five stars …
cheers bro …:thumbsup: