still: update!


Just an little update, hope you like it!
some replies would be apprisiated :slight_smile:


you have some really strange image here.

I had to look at it for some time to see whats on it. I do not know was that you attantion.

those blue balls… are they made of glass or… You should work a little bit more on its texture. Add more acurate reflection or transparency.

you can not see the person at the end of the tunel. Its too dark. maybe the texture is like that, but then light it more.

all the best
Nikola Drincic


Yes the blue balls are glass, and I know there is a little problem with the lighting. I will try my best, im kinda newbee with photoshop and such, but its more every day! :slight_smile: I apprisiate your opinions too, Ill try to post an update as soon as there is something worth posting :slight_smile:

thanks again!


Thanks again here are some updates!

hope you like it…


here are some more updates :slight_smile: hope you like it!
please say witch you like best if have time :slight_smile:


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