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Hi Cgtalkers I’m back with a new picture.

It was born five days ago as a test for my new sub-surface-scattering shaders and for developing a multi-pass rendering technique that would fit my needs (I think that soon I will write down a tutorial about these subjects).

        Everything is rendered with PRMan, except for the fur that's done with Maya. 
        I rendered the job in 5 passes: direct, indirect and ambient light, subsurface and fur pass. They were eventually composited in PhotoShop.

Can’t wait to read your critics and opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS For explanations about techniques involved, ask! :slight_smile:


What to say ? It’s just excellent ! :applause: :applause: :applause:
I really love it, a great piece, it’s sure ! :thumbsup:
Can we see a wireframe, and the squirrel alone ?


Very nice lighting and models! Are the noodles supposed to be raw, or are they boiled? If they’re raw then they look good! :wink:



Thank you!

a few pictures:

PS Yes… noodles are raw :drool:


wow, very nice. why are the noodles a little crispy looking though? They seem to have a little brown crispyness on them which i don’t expect to see if they are raw, but then again, you don’t draw what you think you see, but what you really do see.


Thank you!!!

I’ve update the final render… you can see it in the first post.
Here there are two pictures about render passes and previous SSS problems, now fixed.


Lighting is :thumbsup:



wow great ! awsome render


amazing stuff :drool: no comments!

you link to is wrong though… it’s the same as the other one


nice nice.

do you have a pic without the animal… just to see the still still.



these are the passes

and this is the picture without the squirrel


Great piece, except for one thing: the squirrel’s fur. I was making a squirrel myself a couple of days ago (gave up because of exams), and the fur of a squirrel is usually short and smooth, except for the tail. Work on that and it’ll be great!

  • Bentagon


Simply superb.

Texture details are incredible. The tomato and the wheat stems look amazing.

First class work !


Front page stuff, you have much skill, great work :thumbsup:


Ha! Excellent work, Elessar!! :slight_smile:



Absolutely incredible work :bowdown: :bowdown: :thumbsup:


thank you guys, I’m very pleased to read your comments! :slight_smile:
Bentagon… what is the best solution to render fur, according to you? If you use Maya you can give me suggestions, since I would like to model and render a mouse or something similar.

thank you again :slight_smile:


None of the links works for me :frowning: even your website Elessar, but i guess it’s only me, i’ll try it again later coz i’m curious about this prman.


wow, now the links are ok, the final image is very good maybe the furry animal looks somehow strange, but the rest is very nice. good work!


Looks good :thumbsup:

The only odd thing (in my opinion) is the squirrel, it doesn’t look as realistic as compared to the other objects on the table. However since this is only a test run it shouldn’t matter :smiley:

Anyway great work :thumbsup: