still: surreal scene with bicycle


I submitted this to the softimage january gallery, but as it’s still not online, I will show it here :stuck_out_tongue:



hmm, kinda interesting, though i cant see anything particularly surreal about it. You need to give it more atmosphere. More than just the two objects. you have the lightbulb reflecting an image map, perhaps you should give some hints why the perfectly blank scene has so much action going outside the camera borders.

What does the image mean? Is there any significance to the reflective lightbullb and the new bike?


nice bike!

But, isn’t it missing something? I mean the handle bar…There isn’t any rube…And the crank (where the pedal is fixed on) looks much to long…It could touch the ground if U going through a curve :slight_smile:

The Bumb on the ligh bulb could be softer…looks very rough. And the glas is to reflective…



Thanks for you crits, guys!


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