still: Semazen


I used 3d max 5, Teragen for this images.
Semazen (Whirling Dervish) as well as part of the Turkish custom, history, beliefs and culture.


the clothes on the whirling man look nice! i think that maybe you should apply the same technique to the man on the left. mountains look pretty good.maybe the dirt could use a little more attention too.


quite nice picture.

The hats are a bit strange


yeah, really coming along, but just all seems really flat. maybe some more attention to lighting and more ground detail? give it a whirl.


the Fez’s / hats are a little big, at the moment they look like they have flower pots on their heads, but keep it up!!!

Edit: Also try making it look like its a windy day to make it a little more interesting, have the clothes blowing in the wind, leaves blowing by etc, would make it alot more appealing to the eye!:thumbsup:


this semazen image finished 1,5 month.
thanks for all idea


Nice. I don’t know why you have especially choosen the Dervish and their dance. But doesn’t matter. Anyway, the mosque is nice, but the windwos are’t turkish arhitecture. Try to use smooth curves, because that’s islamic arhitecture.


Good Job. :thumbsup:


thanks you friends.


Its me or the arms are very long?


good job! :cool:
they looks humorous and leisurely!
but the arm of the first man seems too long!


Very nice models, but texture & lighting would have definatly saved this scene…it just looks too artificial


thanks friends


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