still: old toys


here is one of the images i did for my school. the subject was to create 3 compositions with differents lightings, color…we had 3 weeks for modeling,texturing and rendering


The clown looks real. Well done.
I think the rabbit’s head would be more boxy.
The drumstics and the boxes in the backround don’t look worn enough.
F***, why are you doing so rockin’ stuff at school?!

Greetz, Ky.


I agree that the clown looks great. Especially the detail with the winder-upper thing going through the leg.
The rappit seems a little “bloated”, and I think that it wouldn’t be able to stand by itself in reality


the thing is that i had no enough time to reach my goal, i wanted to make more realistic background and box but i had not time, theres good chance i will do several changes


Interesting.I like it


great!!! I love the models


Lovely work:thumbsup:
There is consciousness
I very like


Thx for your comments, i ll keep it in mind and as soon as i got free time i ll work on it.:slight_smile:


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