Still no normal map viewport display?


Is it still not possible to display normal maps in viewport? Thank you.


i am not sure what you expect of an open gl normal map display, but normal maps
are and always have been supported by the open gl view of c4d.


I never made it to work in bodypaint for some reason. It simply shows only lowpoly.


That’s because Bodypaint has been left to die by Maxon. There is no normal map support in Bodypaint at this point so you might want to look at alternatives. 3DCoat has very good uv and painting capabilities. In fact, it beats C4D by miles.


Are you trying to paint normal maps?


As Adam said, Normal maps are neither a paintable option nor supported by Software Shading.

What you CAN do, is paint in the Bump channel, and then use the painted texture in the Normal channel using a Normalizer shader.

Also, please try to avoid listening to Firebeard as he doesn’t like C4D and will only tell you what Can’t be done, rather than how to solve a problem.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Another question mister3d.
What resolution is the Texture you’re painting? If the texture has good resolution, you shouldn’t see pixelation.

Can you give us some info on the texture you’re painting?


So why are you attacking me now? Did I give you any reason to do so? I stated that C4D’s Bodypaint can’t display normal maps in the viewport cause Maxon has been ignoring it for years. Are you trying to just ignore that fact? People have been asking and wondering about that for year so please spare me your “Firebeard doesn’t like C4D” talk.

He probably wants to see the normal map displayed while he paints the texture on top but can’t so I gave a solution and that is to use different software. Simple as that.


Hello, thank you for replies.
I wanted to view it to fix some errors generated after baking normal maps, as fixing it just by looking at it as a color map is not a solution. As it takes into account fixing lowpoly normals (it has abrupt color transitions where lowpoly transitions are to make the rounder, more like hipoly look).
So it’s not that I wanted to paint them but rather fixing them, and a previewer for this would be beneficial.


Well I don’t know what your budget is like but as mentioned earlier 3DCoat is really flexible when it comes to painting normal, color, specular, etc and is also priced at a very fair level. If you have a bit more money you could go for Mari.

Besides, 3DCoat has a nice bridge to Photoshop so you could easily fix your normal map in photoshop, save it and go back to 3dcoat and it would automatically be updated. Very handy.


unfortunately that’s not possible in BP.
Depending on your platform, you may try this:


Thank you guys! I will think about your ideas you suggested. :slight_smile:


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