Still no news about 3ds max 2016?


They have been busy doing this, getting ready for NAB this week.

MCG is still under development and still evolving. Lots of surprises still…


I’m with Steve 100%.

Luckily (for those still on subscription), you can continue your maintenance subscription. And the information I last got was you’ll still be able to get a perpetual license if you buy the more expensive creation suites (though you may want to verify that) once the change happens. As long as that option remains I’ll feel a little at ease. But rental-only simply creates a ton of uncertainty (like what happens if AD decides that rental rates should be x2, x3, x4? Then if you simply want to open your files you have NO CHOICE but to fork out the cash–or what if they do EOL Max at some point and you cannot use your old license–or what if you are working off the grid and your license won’t phone home and let you work?)

I gave Adobe the finger and walked away the moment they went rental only. Not looking back. CS 5 still works, and not paying any more. Not missing any features because don’t follow them now; mostly use Corel’s stuff or others.

Anyway… back to thread. I’m excited to get my copy of Max this year. I think Max 2015 is great and expect to be quite happy moving to 2016. There are certainly some dark clouds festering on the horizon (license changes, disproportionate promo of Maya over Max in ads/promos) but I think that this week the weather looks good and adventurous for Maxxers.


If you compare the costs to what avenues used to be available, yeah.

From next year it will cost £1488 a year to rent (no perpetual licenses) just for Max.

They’ve gone from around

£695 to upgrade




70% of a new seat

to no option to upgrade at all, you have to buy a new seat even if you were on 2015.

The rental is poor value, but I am fundamentally opposed to it anyway as the only option available.

It would be like asking me to sell my house and rent again.


Anyone concerned with the new pricing should really consult their reseller as there are 2 different types of Subscription and unfortunately the information hasn’t been dictated well. On top of that the benefits of the 2 models are different.

Desktop Subscription = rental model, best for users needing fixed budget and low entry pricing.
Maintenance Subscription = Current Subscription holders. Users currently on Subscription and who stay current should be able to stay on this, or at least that is what I was informed. The pricing should be similar to what it is now with the usual slight fluctuation in pricing annually.

Perpetual licenses can still be purchased in the future, but for now it sounds like it will be limited to Suites. Not sure if you will be able to purchase 3ds max + Maintenance Subscription in the future.



From my reseller.

"1st is buy new perpetual again with 1 years Maintenance subscription for £3,200 + VAT or the

2nd option (which will be the only option next year from Autodesk) is their Desktop Subscription(rental) which is 3 months @ £390 + VAT or 12 Months @ £1240 + VAT "

I think that’s accurate isn’t it?


I believe so. If you are not on subscription, then yes you probably need to buy a new license. Most of the software vendors have moved to the upgrades on maintenance or only one release back for upgrades model.

Not sure if Autodesk is running any more of their get current promos or not.



So what is the cut-off date for buying a perpetual license before they no longer offer that?


btw. seems that MassFX is not really updated:

max 2015:

About NVIDIA PhysX Plugins

NVIDIA PhysX Plugin Version 2.80.31209.03210
PhysX SDK Version 2.8.5

max 2016:

About NVIDIA PhysX Plugins

NVIDIA PhysX Plugin Version 2.80.40220.21000
PhysX SDK Version 2.8.5

Can’t be one of the “biggest max” parts, isn’t it?


rental is £1500 per 12 months or £4.10 a day (with a 12 month contract) which is £125 a month or to put into adobe perspective which is £45.73 a month for ALL…yes every app that they created on Creative cloud compared to one 3d app from autodesk.

you don’t have to be a genius at math to work out how it compares.


Wow :eek:


Jonathan, you made my day! :slight_smile:


They stop selling stand alone perpetuals 1st Feb next year, I believe.

This does look like a nice release, but I can’t justify the :argh: up-grade price to go from 2014. And as others have said rental at the prices quoted is a no go for me.


I may have to start saving some pennies then…


I’ve seen NO official statement from autodesk on this at all.
It is there long term intention at ALL autodesk product go 'subscription only (rental) and the put a 24 month tentative timeline on this back in october 2014.

But…there’ not cut off date posted that i am aware of as yet.


This implies Feb 2016


Anyone hear anything about the 2-3 year mult-year subscription plans they mention at that link that were supposed to be announced in March?


just going to leave this here:



Release is in my subscription center downloadable!

The official trial is also there:

Also in subscription download available is: Autodesk_3ds_Max_2016_English_Win_64bit_Samples_Files.exe


None of the download options work for me… Probably best to install the trial and activate this, ah well then.

Succes, finally got it with the AD download manager and Chrome (Opera didn’t work).


Those Max 2016 Trial links aren’t published right now. The official trial DL link still leads to Max 2015. So essentially you are spreading links that are’nt public.