Still: Nail clipper


Thanks for viewing :slight_smile:




Hey too cool… umm, I might want to borrow these one day so please keep em handy :slight_smile: thanx!

Seriously though, good job!


Thanks :slight_smile:



omg lol! my very first 3d model was a pair of nail clippers ahah and it was shocking :(. But seriously very lovely render, nice depth of field and material used. Good work :slight_smile:


thats a really killer design can you post a wire frame


Very nicely done A wire view would be great as well. My only crit is that the highlights seem a little blown out and falls off strangely on the top. Other than that, Great work.


Here’s the wire
I agree with the blown out highlights, mostly a photoshop mistake :smiley:



Very Nice phgroove…looks low poly for the most part :applause: just make sure you make me one too lol… i could use an extra nail clipper


Sweet, again great work. Just one question tho, why is it that the pivot post is so high poly compared to the rest of the model? I dont mean the top section, but lower down it seem to have a lot of horizontal sections that are extra?


Like it alot…
I am a piano player,I allways carry one with me…usefull!


Yep, it’s low poly, but… I got lazy to move vertexes and decide to use booleans just for the pivot!

hey idance, I’m a guitar player and I have one always with me too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments



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