still: Moment In Time


Ok i was bored one day and wanted a break from another project, and the night before i was laying in my bed thinking about this idea, and then i made it with 3d max and rendered it in vray, and did some post work in photoshop


Pretty nice work, man. The only thing I notice is that the leaf looks a little polygon-ish, kind of flat and sharp-edged. The veins in the leave are well done, but a little bump would make it look really awesome.

Cool idea though. The overall feel is great.


hey. thats pretty cool
i still dont get 3dsmax T.T


looks good, but i have to agree with kgkraeer with it looking a little flat, the droplets on the leaf also look a little flat maybe, and possibly too symmetrical? nice work.


thank you for your crits ! anybody else wanna crit or comment ?


Cool work Archer!, I agree with the bump pf the veins, it could add something really cool to the scene
A nice small scene but a cool idea, :thumbsup:


thanks for all the support weider. I really appreciate it !


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