Still: Love....


Hey guys…

i made this picture last night when i got really upset…see my gf broke up with me 5 months ago and now she’s dating my best friend…what can i say right…?..she meant alot to me…she’s…everything to me…wish i can hold her hand and kiss her once again…maybe that might happen later on in few years…who knows right…? i’m just 19…still got a long way to go
anyways…hope you guys like this picture i made


I aslo have love troubles…and want to see your picture, but its a broken link…guess I’ll just give u a hug instead :wavey:


me 2


its not broken…i can still view it


it says this

Due to an inordinate amount of abuse, visitors to
this free account from your region or
country have been restricted.

If you are the owner of this site, you may upgrade to Platinum, which will allow all countries to view your site, as well as remove all advertising from your pages and increase your bandwidth.


I can see all of the links just fine.

I hear ya man… :beer: The pic is nice, very calm and soothing to look at. The subtulties are real nice. I can definantly see the emotion in it, the picture kinda gives me a feeling of how you felt and still feel. i like it - very nice.

just out of curiosity, what did you make it in?


Thanx kBg_Fiske

glad u can view my picture…
i made it in photoshop
here if u can’t view it…


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