Still life: Waterlily (Chinese painting style with Maya)


Hello,everyone. i am here again:) i’v post up some images of traditional Chinese painting style before,
Now, i post up more about my recearch, Please tell me how your feeling is, and i will go on to do animation clip of this style.:cool:

Here is [b]Water lily[/b] from my short film :beer:

Model with Maya modeling package
Rendering with Maya standard rederer
No textures used


Oh, i wanna tell you this work has no one texture, all done by model and shader. have fun:beer:


I really look forward to seeing that in motion. It’s great as a still, but the animation is going to make it live!




expecting the animation!!


Thanx guys, :beer:




there is Very creativity£¡:rolleyes:


what da,…
i thought it was painting…great work…:bounce:


Great stuff, first time i have seen that style in 3d, it will be so impressive as an animation.



wow, i didn’t know this was possible!

One thing though, about the big water lily in the middle.
The ink fades look too smooth and the edges are to sharp IMHO.
Maybe have the edges bleed a little? Dunno how you can change the ink to make it look more realistic though…

But really cool stuff


like this :applause:


very nice. looking forward to seeing the animation as well.







bring on the animation!


Here is a rough quick test rendering, Sorry about low rendering qulity.

Thanx guys for love this style.:beer: :beer:
I will keep doing.


can you tell us a bit about the shading network you used to do this?

very impressive stuff!:applause:


I love the mixture of the two styles!

great work!!!



Excelent! Really! :eek: :thumbsup:

lovely style! :love:
you can create a serie of wallpapers now :slight_smile: Great colors and transparencies!


oh man there 's another one. this is fantastic. Where did you get the shader? do you make it on your own?