[Still Life]: Orange Tree


Being infected by this ‘painting virus’ from seeing all those great paintings in these forums each day, I decided I should give it a go as well and learn myself to paint. :slight_smile:

Here's my 2nd try (wip), a few juicy oranges in an orange tree:

<edit: url is dead, sorry>

- Photoshop
- Photo ref.
- Default brush (at different sizes)
- Tablet used
- Time: about 2 and a half hours

Critics and comments are welcome :slight_smile:


looks like an orange! looks good!


wow looks good! my only crit is the crease in the orange kinda made it look like an apricot.


Yeah it’s got that peach fuzz. I’d say it was attributed to the edge/elongated highlight, which to me indicates fine fibres being backlit. You’ve also got reflected light happening, that’s very good.


you have exceptional ainting skills… can i know what are the brushes you’re using?

critique my modelling reel concept design wip please…


Thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile:

@[b]captain chapo[/b]:
Good point, I'll try to change that in the next few days.


Heh, I wrote “default brush” in my first post but that’s clearly not very helpful, sorry for that. Anyway, for the 1st wip posted above I’ve only used the “hard round” brush at diameters varying from 3 to 60. For the second wip below I’ve also used the chalk brush (on the branche) at various diameters.

Next wip:
<edit: url is dead, sorry>

[li]Tried to make the branche look more real, could be better, but it’s quite hard.[/li][li]Added more reflected light[/li][li]Added some more depth to the background[/li][li]Made a start on detailing the big leaf in the front[/li][/ul]
Currently on my todo list:

[li]Still lots to do on every part of the scene, especially the outlines have to get better because I think they’re much too smudgy right now :)[/li][li]The upper right background area needs a lot of improvements as well[/li][li]Need to add some greenish light that’s reflecting from the green leaf on the frontmost orange (currently there’s a faulty white highlight on the left area of the orange)[/li][li]And, of course, turning the apricot into a real orange[/li][/ul]


wow looking much better! the branch is awesome…i noticed right away. good job.:thumbsup:


You have a wonderfull soft style and your treatment of light is very beautifull. I would like to see you tackle something like an old windmill at a dramatic angle with a wild sky or old buildings (maybe pieces of them). I think your style is ideally suited for that sort of subject matter. Maybe you should also try painter as a program I think you would like it.

:)With a name like strawberry you are obviously Dutch.

Laat meer zien!

Groetjes Kanga


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