Still Life - Empty


A study in asymmetry, light, and negative space.

Please let me know your thoughts on this image.


-Peter C.


Looks good ^^)

It’s just not very evocative for me, the cup looks like it’s been left in some dark corner, but that doesn’t evoke a lot in me. The mood of the picture is very good though ^^)


I think that highlight on the table is the perfect place for a more “evocative” main subject, the scene sets a good mood right now but needs more direction. The lights is leading the eye away from the detail, the cup, and is distracting without something more to justify its existence (the light spot).


Thanks for the comments Guys…

I get your suggestion about a “main subject” as a focus. What I was trying to do with this image was to have the “main subject” be invisible, and just have visual hints or clues as to what the visual narrative is. “Empty”, then, is the subject, and its nature is invisible. The clues are the spots of water left on the table. I know this is prety obtuse, and probably doesn’t come across, but that was my intent. I think maybe by adjusting the placement of the objects I may be able to make it clearer. Thanks for your comments, they are extremely helpful!



Great image. There seems to be an odd horizonal line in the shadows on the wall, im not sure if its intenional but is seems a bit odd. Also I would love to see a version in cool colors, blues and greens.


There is something (I suppose a person or a monster), like a reflection of something on the left side of the image below the drops of water.
My imagination sees “evocative” in there.
And if this is the intension the light is in the right place.
The shadow on the wall could also reveal something of this element’s reflection.

So the cup is the main senseless subject but the reflection and the shadow are the real emotional conductor of the whole image (imagination)…

What do you think?

(at least to me this is a very evocative image since I can experience my imagination)


As far as seeing that something was there and we are witnessing the empty space of what was, I believe you could of left a few more clues. I guess you can get it but most people wont. I agree that the light is a bit to prefect for the rest of the image. due to the blury nature of the background it is hard for the eye to get visual clues as to the depth of the image, making it hard for a person to capture the sense of space in the image. Quite frankly it is hard to say how far the cup is from the wall or if the back is a flat wall , or if it is a corner in the room.

If sense of space or lack thereof was the idea it might be better to provide a few more visual clues to let us know the geometry of the room.

Just looking at it in a visual, textured sense, good use of color, it has a very warm feel, and the color gama sense to be nicely controlled. Over all in my eyes a nice pieace but needs more definition of space…


This is a nice cup, but not really evocative to me.

With a hand stretching, desperately trying to reach it - that could be evocative…

With blood slowly dripping down the side - that could be evocative…

With cup having eyes that peek out of it’s corner - that could be too…

The cup broken into pieces…

Or for a positive emotion,

  • the cup with lipstick kiss mark on it…
  • the cup morphed cartoon-like to look somehow humanoid - trying to do some action an inanimate normally can’t do
  • the cup falling or spinning through the air (not sure how you would should the rapid movement in a single frame though, and it would still be tough to make it evocative)…

But a fine cup still, just lacking in feeling :slight_smile:


as a study of asymmetry i must say that you have put a very symetrical object…

and those visual hints or clues are to weak


Wow…I see a lot of new comments; I guess with the hacking of the CGTalk database, I was never notified. Thanks to all for your comments, they are fine and studied criticisms.


the modelling seems simple, but the way you made the render look is amazing!


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