Still image: behind in hull


Some times we hide the behind in hull hmm:



wow that looks great:D wonderful work:thumbsup:


Beautiful darkness and detailed textures. Great stuff.


oh wow… this is really “moody” :slight_smile:


Nice and dark, gota love thisone.


model and other :rolleyes:


This work is now and not too satisfied to hope to make some to change to move, want the opinion of hearing to hear everybody

thanks a lot :love:



The textures make that model. So beautiful.


Another a version
Like that most ?





I like the first one the most. I like the slightly monochromatic look of it. My only problem is with the head area. It is difficult to make out what is happening on the face - the features of the mask(?) don’t appear to be very well defined.
Great otherwise.


I like your works.


faints that armours is gerat, plus you have done the lighting really good - it’s hard to get such surfaces looking real based on their ambient appearance

Excellent work! I like the firts one the best


nice work !¶¥Ó´~ :wavey:


:thumbsup: All thumbs up!

Excellent work you’ve done!

BTW I like this pic the most.
The mood is colder and more dramatic
than on the other pics (my own opinion)

Small crit:
Maybe you could work out the lighting or texturing of
the shoulder scales on his right side IMHO.
I think they appear a bit flat.
So the first scale on the top has a lack of contrast to the second.

I have painted some “S” on the described parts (see the attachement)

Cheers, Daniel :beer:


thanks every one :love:


Other style

would you like it ?