still: (gun) first non-organic model


first non-organic model, and I know that the topology is bad, I was following a technique from some guy on a hl2 forum.

I know I spelled python wrong…


…look`s good…give us a final rending plese…


looks ok but maybe use chamfer ugghh for the edges and finish topology so you can use meshmooth and make a nice render.


why would I meshsmooth a game model?


next time specify game model. i know it says hl2 and since it looks the way it does, i assumed game model, but you need to specify.

also, you have a large, un-divided plane. get rid of that. triangulate this thing, thats the only way to see what it will look like in game.


god! u started out modeling organics!


looks good. would love to see it smoothed, even though it ia a game model.


sorry, as I said; that flat plane is due to the fact I was learning the technique from some dude. He does it that way, and I learned it tht way- when it triangulates, it’s ugly; but still smooths correctly. I will get a rendered version tonight.


very very very quick textures just to show off the smoothed mode since you asked for it…

it’s 1037 tri’s


that’s smoothed? hrm…


smoothed means no wireframes… and with smooth groups on… I think the word you want is Subdivided


Nice model.

Maybe you guys should stop bickering like little school girls. Just give/take suggestions and stop trying to be the smartest computer nerd.


looks good smoothed, Worthy of a game model :thumbsup:


thank you shazzed and idub, like I said: I would never use it in a game eeven though that is what it was meant to look like. It was my first model, and it was just to show my mod leader that I have the ability to model for a damn


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