Still: from our upcoming thesis


looks great :wink:


very sexy work


Everything is looking really good. But i think it looks like everything has the “Sharpen” filter ontop of it. Or you have some problems with the antialiazing. Do you have the movie in a larger resolution? In the credits, there is no info about the music i would love to know who made it and what song this is. I like that the end-text goes away before the music but i was hoping for a fadeout of the music and not chopped off. B’qoz the mood is really great but get disturbed by the abrupt end.

But all i all it’s really great! The characters are really beautifull. And i like the thing about you’re using asian letters for the words. :love:


thanks for your comments so far.

ok, about this version:
because i was about to leave for siggraph, i had to upload the movie very quick.
so i uploaded a beta version. this means the music is not final (the ending ist too abrupt, thats right…)
and i rendered the movie with a better antialiasing. after siggraph, i will post the better version.

and about the song: it’s the vocal-theme from “mononoke hime”…

greetz, moe


Can’t wait then… :slight_smile:


Haha, Moritz, long time no see.

I am sitting in a security rated 1 building (and I am not in prison ;)) so I hope this posting will crash the damn firewall. Darn, they even sniff in my mails, nasty.

I am so sorry I missed your diploma presentation, guess it was great. I love the music you chose for your reel, also I have to admit it doesn’t support the mood. But Homer rules.

Caido is also very good. Loved to have seen it on the beamer, well, maybe we’ll see it on the next WIP, or the next “parent-teacher conference” :slight_smile: Whatever comes first.

I hope you get a great job, good luck and I am sure we meet each other sooner or later.
Keep on rocking,
As a lot of GFS people will nuzzle around in this thread I’d like to shout out a loud “HELLO FOLKS!!!” and finish this way too long posting with warm words.

I’ll be back!! (now play the terminator theme in your head)


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