Still: from our upcoming thesis



didn’t post anything for a long time.
well this is the fist picture of our thesis.
we, in this case marcus an me spent a long time to get everything right (story, character, look…)
and this pic represents the final look of the movie.
the boy is one of the two main characters. the other one is an angel (not this one on the pic, that’s just a statue)… expect an interesting story:-)
we hope to finish the movie at the end of july…

link to the hires version (~680kb)

greetz, moe


Great picture!

The clothes look really nice! I’m waiting for the finished short.
Your cloth tests were really good!
You should post some renderings of the boy. That would be nice.

keep it up!


thx goro.

well here’s a (slightly retouched) render of the maincharacter josh.

hires version

pics from the angel will follow in an couple of days.

oh, btw. software is maya 5.0 with mental ray and photoshop…


Hi Mr Krappel!

Great picture and a very nice composition too.
The angel looks really wonderful, especially the green texture.
Maybe you can post a nacked still of the angel?
Good luck for your movie



like that first pic…camera angle really works on that piece.
as someone mentioned good luck with it…look forward to seeing some more :thumbsup:


Looks great


hi folks,

i promised to post an image of the angel, the second maincharacter from our movie. and here it is.

software is maya 5.01. renderer used: mental ray and software (for the painteffect feathers)
i know some things are not right, yet but i’m about to fix them.


this is lookin great! the angel’s wings and the material are beautiful. I think the skin tone and the hair shader needs a bit of work but im guessing those are the things that “are not right”
Keep up the good work!



feathers clothing and hair are really cool. i also like the eyes of both caracters very much.
the angels arms and hands do look a bit skinny and long though. apart from that - great work. :thumbsup:

(how about climbing thursday evening? if the weather is good…)


sweet bitch with wings there. this is really looking promising. I cant wait to see some more of this hot sh**.



Originally posted by 4saken
[B]sweet bitch with wings there. this is really looking promising. I cant wait to see some more of this hot sh**.

4saken [/B]

Watch your language or you’ll be reported, this is a professional forum, read the rules.

Great model, nice texturing especially on the angel:thumbsup:


looks really nice! The feathers are awesome!
keep it up!


well, i was bored with rigging and came up with this brilliant
this is the angel’s rig (without the wings obviously…). it’s the wrap-deformer and the syflex collision object in one.
maybe the theme is too obscene but i think it appears
more like a sculpture.


I guess this is a close-up of the A.i.d.s virus right? :wink:


StephanD: I guess this is a close-up of the A.i.d.s virus right?

hahahahaha, nice call

as for the pic, even though it is a bit obscene theres something nice about it. I think its the composition and the way your eye follows around in a circle. Nice use of DOF aswell

And most of the poses seem natural (well as natural as they could be in those positions :wink: )



er, yes, the poses were created without reference btw.
and thank you that you mention the composition.


Well, since u say that those orange fellas are angels there…

And since angels don’t have sex (meaning they have no gender)

It’s not an obscene composition :slight_smile:

From my part, i really loved it, and you’re right, it looks like a sculpture.


LOL I like your last image, its funny :wink:


this was really worth posting!
I look at it over and over again and it just makes me laugh.
great job there, even though you did it just to kill some time.

keep on rockin’





ok, some infos:
originally markus an i wanted to make the short together…
but he didn’d really do anything exept of some modeling stuff…
very sad… we argued a lot and…
at last i had to do the whole short on my own.
the clip was animated, simuted, rendered and composed, partly textured and modeled within three weeks…

critiques are welcome.

and here it is…: