still: -eternity-


The freedom of Eternity boat…
Im beguiner and 3D and its my real primary good work :slight_smile:


pretty good but it looks pretty much like the demo fluid effects scene that comes with maya, nice background though!



the water- and sky texture are really good. I like the mood too. But I think the boat needs
some more refined modeling. Also I am not so keen about the rain, too much I think.



yup. great mood! i dont think he’s gonna make it out alive



what prog did u use and what kind lighting/shadows/renderer?


i used mentay ray and photoshop for lighting


give us a wire version…the atmosphere look`s great…


its a making of :

in the link are a wire and all of process


Very nice job on this image great content, drama and lots of atmosphere that brings your vision across very well. I whole scene is well constructed, textured lit and presented. The only thing that catches my eye is that based on the texture that is applied to the water object/s the surfaces should be much rougher particularly about their ridges.

Very nice work and a great image.


thks a lot for all your coments :thumbsup:


now i go to work other project :slight_smile:


Coucou Abadone
your picture is very nice.
I’have a friend in my job who has finished almost the same scene for the introduction of our Game Atlantis Evolution. But he used fluid Effects for the clouds. it’s very intersting, because in the animation clouds moves, and lightnings afect the clouds, which il more realistic. he also uses the standard maya rendering, and the render is almost the same as yours.
Good job for a beginner.


coucou Franck

sa te genera surement pas que je parle dans la langue de moliere? :stuck_out_tongue:
bas j’ais soif de conaisance 3D j’aimerais trop voir le travail de ton amis
pour aprendre :smiley:


I think this is very good for a beginner. I love the water and sky. not quite feeling the boat though. Is the rain post production?


yes i make the rain in photoshop :slight_smile:


i usen’t the demo ocean i creat a new :slight_smile:


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