still: entering darkness issue #1



here is my last work and this is my new web

i hope you like both of them!!!





i like it!
good lightning
but the things around the door seems strange, and i dont like the lens flare that much either

but overall
very nice!


I agree with munkY about things around doors aisle -> looks really wierd, but nevertheless very nice image :thumbsup:


very nice… its as if there is something evil or supernatural behind that door waiting… :eek: :surprised


Nice render!! i love your lights :thumbsup: :thumbsup: , but as before the things around the door seems strange :hmm: …please post some wire and a screenshot of the scene…i like to see how the lights are setup…



:smiley: i like it! It is really creepy, like the: “i dont know whats behind the door, is it gonna get me”, creepy.



It’s not a photo??? :slight_smile:
Amazing!!! :applause:


thanks for your comments!!!
makes me happy :slight_smile:

pierre: it is rendered with brazil and there is only the sky light and a direct light.
tadus: that is more or less the concept :slight_smile:

thanks all of you



warm and terrible at the same time! the roots of the dark are deep!:buttrock: very good work!!:applause:
who has some letter for the resident of the house?


make the tenticals around the door thicker… and longer… and remove the light flare

but nice sofar


jajaja thanks olijosman but the resident of the house is death and his family too. :eek:


Originally posted by oxhido
jajaja thanks olijosman but the resident of the house is death and his family too. :eek:
Great work, but i think there’s something strange with the period on the wall.

I can read something like “cio’ e’ la casa del diavolo”, but in italian, it’s more correct to say “questa e’ la casa del diavolo”.

Or maybe you wrote it this way by your own will… :slight_smile:

(sorry for horrible english)


reallistic work.
love it much.



Very beautifull but … I miss a little blood in the scence… hehehe…

I like ilumination and textures… :stuck_out_tongue: realistic…


I agree with altermind that the cracks/tentacles around the door should be thicker and longer, so it really shows that they are there on purpose. Nice render!


Muy buena carpanta…ta kedao mu guapa, pero quizas le falte algun mono de piedra rojo o algun fantasma llorando o algo…:stuck_out_tongue:

es broma…esta mu bien tio, a ver si acabas mas cosas como esta.



If tentacles where thicker and longer, the sensation would be more evident and clear, but would loss mistery and seduction power… I think it keeps you in the limit of normality, so that if you walked that street you would look at it and thought “well, them only are plants, but…”

By the technical part of the picture I’m not a master of 3d, so I can only say it looks great to me ))

Oxhido!! Keep us at the edge of the unknown!! show us a little more of the twilight zone… heheheheee…


Very nice!

I don’t think you should change anything except the shadows, If you used a Brazil light with area shadows they would soften very slightly and the image would look less rendered and more photo realistic.

Hope this helps towards an already excellent piece of work.


thanks again!!!

mauz: thanks for the comment. google translate me that way ;o)

calpe: thats exactly the concept!!! makes me happy that you catch it.

engy: well, it´s an area light with area shadows. hard at the begining , soft with distance…

sorry my bad english


My applause to you, I love the creepy scene beautifully made.
Sé que algún dia aprenderé inglés… lo sé