Still: "dirty Job", Bazze (3D)


Title: Still: “dirty Job”
Name: Bazze
Country: Sweden
Software: C4d

I did a mouse modeling tutorial by 3D-Kiwi and got carried away a bit once the mouse model was finished.

The floor texture/bump is a photo of my bedroom floor.


Look good. but i can’t figure out what is the cunnection to the pilles…


I think everithing is quite good


it should be obvious… He took some drugs, killed someone, read a newspaper, hence the finger prints, then created this image :smiley:


nice work. definatle the best work containing a mouse. I like that floor texture. It looks thou lik the ills are not realy on the floor. You could add a light to give allitle more shadow under them. And also to fit the theme you might have allitle bit of a shadow fall over part of the image to add to the mood. Good stuff. Are those fingerprints just an alpha chanel thing because they look damn nice.

edit: and the blood could have more geometry depth and more reflectivity even though its got strong dof on it that woul greatly help the realism.


yep, BESTrin just summed up all the crits i was gonna mention. mainly about the pills not quite looking like they are sitting there, just a little odd.


great picture but the capsules and the mouse look like in the air
you may need to do something with shadows



the mouse dosent look floaty. its got a nice shadow. The capules could use some help though. Oh and another thing that realy makes capsules and pills go from all right to realy cool is add some fine print text on them and a thing that says 500 miligram capsule. Its easy to add throu the alpha chanel and should be raised slightly via bump with hot specular and a little reflection. Just type up something cool or funny for the name and the 500mil or whatever hires in photoshop and put it on there (random direction on each pill) Youl be set.


:applause: Yup I agree with Bestrin when it comes to the pills and the shadows missing which should be reflexed onto the floor. Other than that great work, very good work


good attempt…but the capsules looks floating and the mouse looks like rubber coated…


thanks everybody!

“pills look floating” - Agree + good idea with the text on the pills
“mouse looks rubber coated” - maybe… why not?


who’s saying that mouse can’be coated with rubber…?!
infact i have seen a mouse like that by a company called ‘i ball’…


Super modelling and very realistic scene. Great technique !


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