Still: "check Mate", Clemente Gomez (3D)


Title: Still: “check Mate”
Name: Clemente Gomez
Country: Us
Software: 3ds Max 5

This actually started out to be practice for raytracing. But it really turned out better than I expected. SO I reconfigured the settings and stuff and came up wuth this. Im very proud at this, as it being one of my really good pieces.

Modelling-2 hours
Texturing-2 hours
Rendering 6 hours and 40 minutes.

All comments are welcome.


The glass is very realistic, no critiques on the image…but couldn’t the king just take the queen and get out of check?


Ya lol, I noticed that too late. I rerendered it to actually be checkmate


Lol, nice work, the only critique I see that it isn’t easy to separate the white(glass) pieces from the black. I guess that’s because of your environment/render settings?


Very nice, tho I do agree with Oberserver, it is a little hard to tell between White/black. But otherwise, a fantastic piece, one to be proud of man!


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