Still: Cell Phone, Gunaars (3D)


Title: Still: Cell Phone
Name: Gunaars
Country: Latvia
Software: 3d Max, Vray

Experimenting with vray, it was quite a strugle for me to get the matherials looking the way I wanted. Mesh wasn’t such a chalange. Render time was 3 hours, mostly because of 3 light sources and vray shadows. In the end I thought I could make some sort of ad. So I came up with a cell phone manufacturer “skyway” and awfully original slogan with it…
Hope you like it as much as I do!
here’s wire


:bounce: real reality:)


ohh i forgot to ask u somethin, can u tell me the lighting pozitions and rendering settings…?


there were 3 lights (inverse square used) as I said - one above the phone slightly to the left , second behind the mobile also as high as the first one, third in front of the screen to simulate luminosity of the screen. Most render setings were default as they come in vray, except for GI - PM (photon map) used on both first and secondary bounces, photons in the PM were set to 600, desity 10 (if I remember correctly), but I am definately not a guru in vray jet, so I think there might be a better way to set up a scene with vray!


it really looks good
nice render
can we see the phone closed


it is be-e-a-utiful :slight_smile:

love that model

real nice


thats very nice. where can i buy one.


very nice and beautiful render…


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