still: Blood Cells


Yeah, I know its not much of an accomplishment, but its quite a large step for me, oh, and also check out my online portfolio [ ] What do you think of it?

I would post the image, but the picture is quite large. Please use the link below


The objects have been organised very well in the scene and the picture as a whole is well presented, but they are not convincing me that they are blood cells, the gritty opaque material just doesn’t look right, and I think the scene would be improved with a lot more of them too. The picture really needs some dramactic content or a story in there to catch peoples eye. Perhaps a virus or a submarine floating around.

Good luck with your image and your 3D it is a good start but you need to take it further I think.

Reference :


get rid of the gritty look of the cells and add some DOF and it will look alot better.


Nice tips from percydaman. I would play aorund wit translucency, add a background that will disolve with the dof. Now i seems very empty in the back.


wow! thanks guys, Frank Dodd I never thought of that, a virus would be awsome to see floating around in there, I will also add some more cells to it. And I’l get rid of the grittyness.

what is dof? I would like to try what your talking about, but I dont know what it is.

Good Idea! I didnt think of that, it’l look cool if they were semi transparent, with a lot more of them.


I have an idea, remember the machine flesh stuff ( yes I know its over ) this could be the blood cells of an machine flesh type of character, I will make little robotic spider type viruses in the blood, and change the blood to more of a greyish-red color


what is dof? I would like to try what your talking about, but I dont know what it is.

that’s deph of field. Thats the focus of the camera. Usually the objects that are not in the camera focus becomes a little bit blurry and loose a bit of details.

Good Idea! I didnt think of that, it’l look cool if they were semi transparent, with a lot more of them.

I honestly doubt that they would look “semi transparent” even if you crank up the translucency all the way up. They would look nice though. I sense that you are mixing up translucent with transparency. Translucent happens when light enter a surface and make it glow from within. Leaves, for example are translucent and I promise you they are not transparent. :slight_smile:


ah, I see, I will see what happens, thanks!:slight_smile: how do I use dof?


Hey dude, I have a bunch of these on the splash screen of my website. I agree with whomever above said you should “get rid of the gritty look”, but it doesn’t mean you should abandon efforts to put bump and (if you have the horsepower) displacement maps on them. Their current texture makes them look like molded styrofoam. At least invert their current texture as it seems to be creating little pockets in the cell membrane - which isn’t really going to happen too much in an RBC; if they’re going bulge anywhere it will be outwards.

You can also change their shape a bit; bend them, squeeze them, make each one a little different as they are all different. Heck, if you want something interesting (from a medical standpoint), make them a couple crescent shaped as in sickle-cell anemia. Yeah I’m a geek, but it’s my job.

Good luck,


Thanks, here is what I have now after adding some semi-transparent little reflective robotic viruses wow, say that ten times fast:eek: Now what do you guys think?
Also, thanks for all the help!

and a closeup of the virus


That looks great! Now how about top it all of with the vein tube in the backround?


Thats a good idea, give me a couple of minutes.:scream:


make that falloff whiter…




thumbs up :thumbsup:


Excellent job, it just shows that its worth sticking with an image, I think this is now vastly superior to the origonal even though it basically uses the origonal scene. The final touch with the tunnel/tube is a big improvment too, very well done.


Thanks guys, I am really glad you like it:bounce:


Look great! But I think you have forgotten to ad the shadows !! Try it will pop out more.
This is a 3D model that was done on LW a while bake, It’s on NewTeks website, I have rendered a close-up so you can get reference on the bump map & the gradient colors …
Keep up the good work:) :slight_smile:


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