Still - Avalokiteshvara, Jared Lim (3D)


Title: Still - Avalokiteshvara

Name: Jared Lim
Country: Singapore
Software: Lightwave 8

She listens to the woes and cries of the world with great compassion. Also known as Goddess of Mercy, Goddess of Compassion or Kwan Yin.

>> Hi resolution image <<


this is a pretty good piece. i like it all except for the shoulders and eyes.

the shoulders look kind of lumpy and large, kind of formless.

the eyes look too far up on her head.


very nice work…

i like it a lot…congratulations :thumbsup:


I love it :slight_smile:

Crits…the face…it seems a bit manly. The shoulders seems a bit straight.



I can really feel the peace flowing from her. aaahhh… {stretches back}

Anywhoo, I like the garment especially the stencil ends. :slight_smile:

I will have to agree with wedge, the shoulders seem like there is no muscle under them and the eyes seem like the can be rotated to a more horizontal position. I also think the neck might be a little to long. If you like the elongated neck it is cool with me. The last thing we need is more Barbies.

The hand holding the vase seems to lack definition, Its kind of too cartoonie. A slight sense of knuckle might make it believable. I feel sorry for the little plant in the vase, it might need some water maybe :wink:

I really like the colors used, and how her skin changes tones as the background does too, nice touch!


nice, very beautiful:thumbsup:


i like it!i love those garments floating on air…:thumbsup:


I like the garment especially :slight_smile:


Great modelling + excellent design but her face is not beautiful, Try to work on her face.
Keep it up.

Best Regards


Wow, i love the colors. Good job :slight_smile:


Great design and cool modeling, but I have to agree with Musoka’s comment!
She is looking a bit manly! Maybe you have to work a bit more on her face and upper body!

Cool work though!


Thanks for the appreciation, feedback and critiques. Here is the alternative version. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…


Her eyes are less slanty… thats good. I think you need shadows on her. It looks flat… the whole body, but especially the face. It looks like the light is coming from right behind camera, like a flash photo, which is always unflattering. She needs shadow on her neck and under her nose and eyebrows. then after that maybe her smile should be less vacuous.


very nice model, but doesn’t looks realistic to me. but very good job anyway.


her eyes look alot better in the 2nd picture u posted :thumbsup:

her right wrist seems too flat, like it’s made of rubber… probably a skinning issue

awesome stuff


Fashion Buddha portrait… Great lighting-soft and diffused. Well illustrated.


I like everything except head and neck, i thing they are to thin


hi jared ,
awessome work…
cant believ that i missed this one …
you really improved your skill… at a top notch level



Hey Chris, Thanks for the encouragement! You are now located in USA I guess. Hope to meet up with you some day again…:slight_smile:


let me know if you ever fly to the dallas area … would be really pleased to meet you again