still: ak-47


just tried a gun…suggestions welcomed…:slight_smile:


good start, start working on some of the details of the rifle


yep, same here, good textures with nice dirt/rust maps will spice up your model totally


i am no expert when it comes to ak-47’s.
few suggestions and excellent start by the way.
-nothing has sharp edges, meaning i would chamfer the edges a bit. especially around the backpiece and handle.
-add some grooves to the clip. i am sure you have images that you are looking at.
-texturing and lighting always takes time and practice. i would wait a little while longer until you have all the necessary details put in.

well good luck to you.


Nice AK-47! I’m working on that weapon aswell, if you allow me to show it :slight_smile:

Just an WIP, and I havent done anything on the half-back just getting out the basic shape … !


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