still : a flower


This is my small work…just a flower.
I hope you will like. Thank you.
C & C welcome.


Very nice. I’m not sure that you should have the rose out of focus, though - isn’t it the highlight of your piece? As it is the glass is the stand-out object.


Looks okay…
But still you can improve it
the framing should focus more on rose less on vase, as said in above post
material on rose is like a semitransperent plastic, IMO it should be opaque with a backlight.
the part just below the flower is too blurred and looks photoshopped compared to the crisp glass…
the glass is good but the water is not convincing enuf, the shape of surface looks wrong somehow
some caustics wud be cool
the grey backgrnd should merge slowly into white, one could see the corner of the plane you used here.


that´s nice,

I agry with Psan´s crits, and maybe you could try a thiner glass so it looks more elegant… just a thought …

keep it up


It’s pretty good, but water needs a little more work. Overall, good job. :applause:


Hmmm … nice work. A few crits:

  1. I agree … change the focus of the piece
  2. Make the vase thinner - unless you want a drinking glass look.
  3. Add some thorns … :slight_smile:
  4. When you put roses in water, you are suppose to cut the stems at an angle - that way the bottom of the stem doesnt get stuck to the bottom of the glass and water cannot get in. I would make the bottom of the stem at an angle. :wink:

Other than that!

NICE WORK! :thumbsup:


It’s nice, my girlfriend liked it, LOL.


Thanks all of your comment, you give me more detail about my picture.Let me know how to do.
I will try to do some modification, post update later.
Thanks everyone…:slight_smile:


The glass is waaaaay too thick :slight_smile:
And yep u have to take care of that water shader, it’s not working.

The flower looks very good.


Thanks your reply.
Here is my update.
And about the water…I just make a cylinder, and assign a full transparency material, set refractive index to 1.33…then adjust the specular and reflected…, so…if you have idea about water , you can give me suggestion, thanks.

And about the caustics, I use maya software to render, I don’t use mentalray, so…there isn’t no caustics. Is it better if there has caustics effect ?? :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks your comment.
I hope you will like…


looks to me like those plastic decorative flowers. Like the water distortion.


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