still: 18th Century Room


Hy my name is Alex,
This scene was created in maya 5.0, default Render.
The main Idea was just a untique room, and my hope was to create a nice lighting.
Render was quite fast - 30 min
Hope you all like it.
Comments are welcome.


I like this scene a lot (really) specially the cloth used on the bed, it’s superb. Anyways, the wood textures (bed, guitar) have something strange, I’m not sure what is it, maybe too much glossiness??

You were focusing on lightning? If so, I have to tell you that I find the exterior light very realistic, but I have not the same opinion about the candles (is called this? -my english is poor- hope you’ll understand). The candles look strange, I thing there’s too much shine there. If there’s this amount of light coming from the exterior (and I know there are curtains) it’s impossible that candles can shine this much. You have to light it a bit less, and maybe put a little red colour on the flames, they are too yellow.

Sorry for the english but hope you will understand.

Anyways I like a lot your scene, I only said that cause I think it should look better if you do it.


The scene is beautifull but some aspect make me wonder.
What the function of light in candles if is evening scene?
The 18º century floor realy have this texture?
The swept is too dark and i dont can get the details.
The front of bed have a circular light without a visible font source.
I think the light is the unique problem of this scene because some shadows take a look of unreal objects.
Sorry by my bad english .

good job (modeling and texturing)


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