StijnGrooten_#DrawCember sketchbook


Thank you all so much for the great comments! They make my day much better:)

this is is my day 05: sledding


I want all of these cats.


“The Darling Life of Cat” :smiley: She is too damn adorable. Your sketchbook will be the most fun to scroll through at the end.


Thank you for the comments :slight_smile: I’m trying to make a thread I’d like to see, so it’s nice to read people can enjoy it also :slight_smile:

this is is my day 06 entry: skating


Nice! I like the way the kitten spins on the ice. :slight_smile:


Cool, good to know that it gives the right story. :slight_smile:


Hi, this is day 07: snow.


Fun work. Looking forward to tomorrows


Cats are sooo funny! Love two last pics. C: I actually look almost like that cat on ice myself >__<"


These cats can not stay still!
So funny!


Loved this last piece! Funny and good use of color and framing :slight_smile:


Thank you Travis :slight_smile:


Haha:) thanks for the kind words. Hope you don’t get too hurt skating :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm now that I think of it my cat sleeps a lot… :smiley:


This is my day 08: frozen


The cat put the head in the freezer?! :slight_smile:


Kittens everywhere :slight_smile: Nice


Very funny and cute! :slight_smile:


Thank you all :slight_smile:


This is my entry 09: sleigh