Stifled Smile, Alexander Lashko (3D)


Title: Stifled Smile
Name: Alexander Lashko
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi all,

I create this one to brush up on my sculpting and texturing skills. Stifled smile is one of the most charming expressions in humans, so I decide to recreate it. I used Zbrush for sculpting and texturing (which are all hand-painted), Mental Ray for rendering, Maya Hair and Fur, and Photoshop for compositing separate layers and color correction.
Thanks for looking. Comments and critiques are mostly appreciated.

Special thanks to Mike Fudge for the Maya Hair tutorial:


Very nice. The expression is very well rendered, very nice work. I’d have to say the eyes & cloths aren’t as good tho. Some imperfections in the white zone of the eyes would be great, they also seem kind of big to me (cornea). The cloth doesn’t match at all the quality of the rest (looks photoshoped in post).
But still very nice image. Keep it up !


whoa! Nice work!


nice work! greate face expresion and good looking hair !
good work!


Looks pretty cool :slight_smile:
The only thing that seems a bit strange to me, are the eyes.
Great job on the hair by the way :wink:


ohhh yess superrr job super cg girl


Yeah, the specular on the eyes need to be adjusted. The skin around the eyes shouldn’t have any acute specular on it at (it needs to be softer), you may also want to look into putting some reflections into her eyes. Eyes are wet and act like mirrors so there are all sorts of subtle reflections in them.


good work!


nice work…keep walking


it was stunning i must say! well execution on the hair, like it alot.



Hey Lashko,

Lookin real good man. My only critique on this piece is around the eye area. Maybe some wrinkles or a little deformation in that area since she is holding back her smile I would think that the skin around that area especially the lower lid would change and not be so straight even a little bit closed or squinted. Maybe just a little bit more because it is there it just does not stand out as much. Other than that awesome job man. :arteest:


Very good work Alexander, Just you need pay some attention to the eyes and shadows.:thumbsup:


very good model and super expression. looks not only extremely real, but pretty as well. not too sure about the shaders though. i think they need some work. the mr fast skin shader is very capable of reproducing real looking skin, needs some experimentation though.
all the best !


very good work


good jab. nice color. :slight_smile:


Beautiful girl, very good work


nice work, great lighting … :thumbsup:


Great, very very nice


wow great expression! good hair and I like a lot the skin. The eyes are a little lifeless, the white area is very white. you could give it more color like more red on the ends and SSS. cornea limits are a little hard. Thus I believe that she’ll gain more life.

I liked a lot this job! great man!


Really nice, a few critics however:
I think it’s too much noisy in the shadow parts and earrings (maybe sampling troubles), and the bluish shadow color seems a bit weird… The cloth creases are strange too. Eyes and eyebrows look CG, especially the eyelashes. There sould be more work on the ears. Hair look very dry.
Good work anyway!