Sticky: HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute! The Saint


so first of all, this is my first car and even my first chellange i try to follow,
please be patient as i try to do everything right :wink:

as i am a huge fan of the old volvo cars and also like the “the saint” tv show
from the 1962, i decided to give it a try with the volvo p1800.
i love this car and i like its forms and shapes. i was once an owner of this beautiful car so that gives me an extra boost.

here are some reference images and also wip pics.

i use modo as the software of my choice and mari for texturing things, so there is more to come, if the time is not running to fast.

feel free to comment, because i would be happy for some tipps and tricks to
get a better modell/image.



here is an update for the challenge.
i put togehter some pictures i found on the internet, there are a lot more pictures i used but this is a small selection.
i run into some problems with the blueprints, as it seems that they are not very accurate.
so i was searching for some more close up pictures for specific parts on the car.

after a little bit of guessing how some shapes behave, i am quite happy with the result so far.
you still can see some imperfections on the main body of the car and some parts are still not fitting exactly togehter but i will fix that.

i still have not so much time to work on this project, so after aprox. 25 hours of work, this is status at this time.

have a look at some pics



very nice. a good beginning. keep it up :keenly:


Ja cool!!! :buttrock:


noice, not bad for a beginner :keenly:


here another update for the challenge.
i worked on the topology a bit and added some more details like the chrome parts
on the side, the windows, the door handles, the wipers and the air inlet.
if i find some time i will do the underbody, the tires and the rims.
a big part will be the interiors, but i need to decide what we are
gonna see in the final image.
so i think it will be better to safe time for the shading and the scene itself.

take a look at the quick renders i made
thank you


Beautiful work Monkey.

keep it up


Seem like smooth curves :slight_smile:


thank you guys, i spend every free minute on this
so i am happy you like it.

and as work is progressing here another update.
changed the overall shader for visual purpose and i modeled some tires.
i also built some inner part as placeholders, to get a feeling that there
is something like an engine, brakes and a transmission system in it.
i do not want to spend much time for that parts, because you are not going to see them
in the final image. there other things to do, if i want to finish that scene in time.

so here are the wip pics
enjoy :slight_smile:


hi guys,
long time no update, but last few weeks i had a lot of work to do…
good for me, bad for the challenge. :wink:
thanks to ortiz that he extend the deadline to 16th.

anayway here is a little update.
i worked on interiors and on some other parts like the rear and front axles.
i also found time working on an enviroment for the car. a small coasty road with rocks
the colors on the car are only a kind of surface id´s for me.

so here are the pics have fun.


Great entry!
You got until Monday to post:
HCR Modeling #46: Movie Wheels Tribute!
Post your Final Entry!


so here is the final ubadate for the wip.
here i put some renderings together.
just click for a hires version

enjoy :wink:

the final piece
(the enviroment is from the sibl collection shipped with modo901)

the p1800 in an enviroment i started for the challenge

P1800 Turntable

orthografic views (with wires)