stick to points, how to


Hi guys!
I have an ICE particle system that need to travel and stick to an other object points. I managed to make the particles go to the points of an other object but some particles are going to the same point and some points are left with no particles. So how can I make that all the points from the goal object have particles that are traveling at. Or how can I make the particles not to stick at the random position on the surface of an other object?

Thank you!


helge’s goal basics video talks about “Get Geometry Sample”, you can then set that node to point type.



Thanks mate,
I already did that but I have the same problem. Let me try to be more clear: if I have a grid with 16 points and I emit a total of 16 particles that have to go the points some particles will go to the same point leaving other points unoccupied. What I would like is only one particle per point.


this is an ICE thread, moving it to the right subforum, please use it :slight_smile:


my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here is an simplified example of what I’m looking for (I need this for something more complex, a bunch of coins to build a bicycle but the distance between the coins must be equal, to the eye anyway, and this is why i need to use points/vertex because it give’s me some control).


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