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Hi there!

i’m deseperately looking for that expression i’ve seen 'round here (but can’t remember exactly where) which allows you to make move an object on a landscape and the object adapt its Y according to the landscape…

Anyone see what i mean ?

Thank you


If it’s TP-based, you might find it on Srek’s website - (I know Srek has an example of particles flowing over a curved surface).



Samir’s DPack has a plug for this.

GeeSpot has a free plug on his site.

Paul Everett has Surface Painter, the cadilac of “stick-on” plugins.

Check the resouce listings at the top of this forum.


You could project a spline on the landscape and then use align-to-spline.


@ adamT; i agree but it doesnt stick as clearly as expected; the sphere is most of the time inside the landscape (as i want it to roll over the landscape).

@brammelo ; thanx a lot, but i’m working with this examples to get my question resolved… anyway, i’m sure you are right regarding that solution though i’m notch down stuck… arg!

@acmepixel: i know there’s a lot of great plugs
for that kind of question. but i’m sure i’ve seen something free (am I? made by someone round’here) that let us make it freely… i may be wrong…

Anyway thank’s a lot for your help so far, it is always helpfull not being alone in these case… :thumbsup:


Is this possible with the Mesh Surgery brush? Mesh Brush and use ObjectOnSurface script. Just tweak until you get the settings you like.

The default seems to push the ibject through the plane, but that can be adjusted.


Maye Fizz?



Howdy nataz,

How about if you use AdamT’s idea but put the sphere in a Null object (and offset the position) and align the Null to the spline?

Cactus Dan


There is alot of good ideas round here :thumbsup:

But i’m sure iv’e seen a animation in a thread that showed a sphere rolling on a landscape with just an expression. arg! i should have downloaded it right away… :cry:

Anyway i’m playing around with fizz, and it doesn’t come out clearly ok.
Originally i would do it as Cactus Dan said but it is a little complex with the scene i’m tweaking (a moebius ring with a sphere rolling along it…).

Well, i think i will get into expresso a little deeper…:hmm:



i think you are looking for a plugin

called finger paint

i will sort if later today for you

and post the link hear

i think it’s a paul everett free plug but i am not sure

i will check



great! :bounce:
thank you!


I don’t think Finger Paint does the trick–it just places objects on other objects.

Anyways, this is a pretty easy job using the spline method I mentioned (and as suplemented by Cactus Dan).


@AdamT: I know it is easy on a fixed landscape but if the landscape is moving for example it begin to be a little different…

keep on digging :wip:


Originally posted by nataz
[B]@AdamT: I know it is easy on a fixed landscape but if the landscape is moving for example it begin to be a little different…

keep on digging :wip: [/B]

In that case you could use Paul Everett’s spline projector plugin. Maybe that’s what you were thinking of?


Sounds and looks good!
i’ll have a look at the demo… thank you AdamT


works great ! thanx AdamT

So now i may go in hollidays :smiley:
see you in 2 weeks

Merry christmas to all


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