Stick Texture Issue


Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue using the Stick Texture tag on a HyperNurbs object. I’ve used this tag without a single problem before, but am now encountering an odd issue with the way it is handling the seam of my texture. Please see the image below and tell me what you think. I’ve taken the advice of 3DKiwi on this forum post, but haven’t gotten any different results by cycling through the various ‘Subdivide UVs’ options in the HyperNurbs object.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.



UPDATE: I had to fake my way around this issue by creating a second material that was identical to the one seen in the image. The only difference is that I offset the color, displacement and alpha channels 1/2 of the original width (i.e. I shifted the information 1024 pixels on the X axis in a 2048x2048 texture). I then applied it to my object and rotated the cylindrical projection by 180 degrees.

This essentially caused the two materials to overlap, and while the top-most material still had a notch cut in it, the underlying material filled in the gap. This was certainly a time-consuming solution, but it ultimately worked appropriately.


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